Monday, March 3, 2014

Sixteen Patch

I love how this little quilt turned out.  I used and open Baptist Fan pattern and it was much easier than the one I used for the Star and Geese quilt.  It is 60 x 72" and made of shirt plaids.  I used 2" squares so each block is only 6" square.  Maybe I'll make one using 2.5" squares next time.  I have some blue binding leftover from the Hidden Stars so I will use it for this quilt also.

Another mini book report/review.  I finished The Secret History by Donna Tartt.  I had put it down for awhile to read some library books.  I like the book as a whole but the subject matter (don't know how to put it but it kind of) hurt my heart.  
I read the Little Friend, which I loved, right after I saw her interview on CBS Good Morning.
I have her latest book, Goldfinch, but I am saving it for when I really need a good book to read.

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