Thursday, June 19, 2014

Dotty Blocks Done

After my check-up from my cataract procedure today, I finished the last couple of blocks for the dotty quilt.  Will have to do some re-arranging here and there.  Looking at them with my eye that has been corrected, they look much brighter than before.  I'm looking forward to having the right eye done in a couple of weeks so that both eyes will be equal again.
Now I can start working on borders for it.


We had a great time in Philadelphia last weekend.  Lots of fun and celebrating Hannah!

Shane and I loved Reading Terminal - we ate crepes for breakfast and couldn't pass up the doughnuts.
Shane had key lime and I had strawberry. 

One funny thing - Shelly saw an add for a fabric museum in one of those travel books they place in hotel rooms - so while Vince, Hannah and Shane were watching a Soccer game - we took a taxi over to the museum - guess what- there used to fabric there a long time ago - now it is just a photography museum - they just never changed the name.  GYP! but if was free except for the taxi.  However all was not lost - we walked over to Reading Terminal and ate pretzel covered hot dogs and shopped around here and there on our way back to the hotel.

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