Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Dotty Top Finished

Yesterday I sewed the blocks together and started making the border units.

With the border units sewn on the top measures 56 X 68 inches.  I would like it a little larger to give as a gift.  May try adding another border if I can find something I like - I don't like borders that are just tacked on to enlarge a quilt so this may be a problem.


Kathy, Hannah and Emily

For my weekend entertainment, I joined these gals in Morehead City for the Southeast Showdown Nationals Dance Competition.
Emily and Hannah were in several group dances and Emily was in a duet on Saturday.  They were there at 7AM and finished their routines about 3. Kathy was busy running back and forth helping with costume changes and makeup.

We went back in the evening and watched the solo competitions until 11PM.  Sunday the Showdown started at 10AM - Emily was in the opening number.  Their groups didn't make the showdown but the Pee Wee Troupe from there school won a first place and a second place award.

Hannah and Emily have plans to do a duet together next season.
We saw lots of amazing talented dancers and lots of fun!

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