Saturday, November 14, 2015

Sashed Bow Tie Quilt & Seattle

I started making these blocks in 2010.  I set the blocks with the first sashing while at retreat in Virginia in September.

Arranged them and set together when I returned home.  Then added a 3.5 inch floral border.
The quilt measures 80 x 94".  
I know this is a Bonnie Hunter pattern as I first saw a version made by Sue on Suebee Quilts Blog.  
I don't know what size blocks she used but mine finished at 6 inches as I used 2 inch and 3.5 inch squares.

I quilted it just before we left for Seattle.  

The binding is on too.

The girls, except M, and I went to Seattle for a little R & R.  The first place we ate was at the Biscuit Bitch - recommended by Molly when she came out for a grad school visit to U of WA.
   We did all the tourist attractions and climbed more hills that I care to remember.  And had a wonderful time.  And ate lots - there was a great restaurant, Vonn's 1000 Spirits, right next door to where we stayed at Harbor Steps.

By far the best of the best for us was Chihuly Gardens.

We liked all the venues that had someone there to take our pictures 

And the weather was pretty good - the sun even peaked out a couple of times.

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Strange Party said...

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