Sunday, November 22, 2015

Sewing Backs Again

I am trying to get organized again.  I had several quilt tops that were hanging behind the sewing room door or in closets so................................. time to hunt for fabrics for backs.  I'm trying to use pieces that I already have of course!
The blue moon fabric is a piece that I have been hoarding for years and fortunately I had six yards so it was enough to give me two lengths for this big top - it's 96 x 96".  
I used some leftover blocks to enlarge the back width wise.
I think I have started calling this top Ziggy Double Four Patch.

This is a portion of the top  - it is way to big to put on any design surface I had.

Two of my sisters and myself had a great time last week meeting up with cousins on my Mother's side of the family and their children and grandchildren in upstate New York.

My cousin had this picture of herself (Patty), her brother (Dougie) and me.  Taken at our Grandmother Krom's house in the early 1950's.

I think Grandmother was planning to take us to pick berries. Where was my hat???

Fast forward 65 years - here we are after breakfast at the diner in Ovid NY before we departed  for our respective homes.
Doug, Pat, Barb, Janet and Patty.

Heading out tonight to our Community Thanksgiving Music Service hosted by St. Eugene's.  Our choir will be singing so I'll pick up a couple of friends on the way.  
Have a great evening and give thanks.

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spope said...

I don't think you have a quilt that I don't love and/or want to make.
You also don't have many pieces in your quilts that are solids. It is what makes them so alive.
Love it.
Glad you all can get together and have fun. Life is good.