Friday, January 8, 2016

A Personal Record

This is surely a record for me - finishing the binding on two full sized quilts in one week.
Of course there are more waiting to be finished.

From the other end

I finished taking the lights off the tree today - and the Santas are all back in the bedroom waiting to be packed away.  The tree will have to wait for  someone stronger than I to dismantle it and tote it out to the workshop. 

On my way home from sewing with friends yesterday, I stopped at a little country supermarket.  They always seem to have great looking meats and fresh vegetables.  I'm having a vegetable plate for dinner tonight.  Cabbage cooked with country ham and red pepper, boiled rutabaga and green peas.

But for now - I think I need a small reward - a little on line shopping will suffice.

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