Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Quilting and Binding

 This quilt is one of the biggest, if not the biggest quilt I have ever made.  It is 96" square. It took up almost all the space on the roller bars. I did a freehand baptist fan design and it went fairly quickly.

I quilted it in three sessions - on the second day I had some trouble with thread shredding - so I changed the needle, checked the tension, rethreaded the machine and left it until the next day.  I was able to finish it with out anymore problems.

I trimmed it and decided to use a red binding.  The shop in Warrenton has the complete line of fossil fern fabrics so I am going to use one of their reds.

Finished sewing the binding on the Bowdacious quilt Monday.  It was cold and windy so it was nice to sit under it and sew. 


A friend came over for dinner and a movie Sunday afternoon.  We were going to go out to a movie but none of the new ones interested us.  We looked through some here and found The Piano (we had both seen it before - it came out in 1994) - it was on VCR- mixed in with some of the family tapes.  We worked on bindings while we watched it.   Neither of us could remember very much of it  (20 years ago - no wonder) except the finger being chopped off.  Enough said - movie on it's way to goodwill.

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