Friday, January 22, 2016

Oh The Weather = Sewing Time

Icy Camellias out back 

Even icier camellia

Pine Trees coated with ice - still freezing rain coming down - the good news is that even though we have had some flickering the lights are still on at 11 PM.  They say we may have some snow tomorrow.   No chance that I will be going anywhere tomorrow.

Looks like I can make some more blocks.  These are from a book by Edyta Sitar and are fairly easy and fun to make.

John's 3 year Angelversary  - really miss him - even more so when I have to deal with situations like the weather today. 

1 comment:

spope said...

I really like the Edyta Sitar blocks. Just finished last border on Allietare and am trying to find something for the back. It finished at 87 by 100.
I made the borders a tad bigger. I like it and want to put bird fabric on the back.
OUt for fish maybe tonight.
See you next thursday.