Sunday, June 12, 2016

Bunkhouse Sixteen Patch II

Well here it is 8:45PM and I have finally finished sewing and pressing this top.  
I know the colors don't look like much by the lamplight but I feel like I have been sewing and pressing and picking off threads for hours.
Actually I started it early this morning but it was just too warm in the sewing room!

Our 10 year old AC has been acting a little strange theses past few days- of course it is when we are having our first 90 degree days - and yesterday evening when I got home it was 82 degrees inside. 
At 8 AM I called the Heating and Air Company that installed it and their technician, Eduardo, came  out about 10 AM. 
I guess he wanted to spare me the sticker shock as he commented that "it was probably low on Freon and that I probably knew that the price of Freon was currently about $100 a pound".

I wondered if  Eduardo knows that fabric sell for about $12 a yard. 

 Well Eduardo topped off my AC Unit with Freon and soon my sewing room was comfortable again.

Probably will have to consider a new unit in the future as they are phasing out the old type Freon which is harmful to the atmosphere (hence the high cost). And they added some Freon to the unit when they were out here a couple of years back.

Extra thankful for the creature comforts during these hot sticky days.

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spope said...

a lot of work esp when it is warm. I would go without a lot to be comfortable inside my house. Love the 16patches. Makes my eyes crazy.
See you tomorrow at C's.