Sunday, January 15, 2017

Surprise Quilt

What a nice Christmas Surprise!

My grand daughter, Molly, made this quilt for me for Christmas.  She said she made it because I love Scrabble so much.   It has been a family favorite since the kids were old enough to spell.  Well to be honest - not all the family considered it their favorite.

Molly has had a sewing machine since she was in high school and she is very creative and just goes for it.   She stenciled the letters and even quilted it herself.  We were going to have a sew day last Monday but the snow interfered with our sew.  She had to return to New York on Tuesday.  She is two years into her doctorate in engineering.  Sew on Molly!!!!!

Sling Blade

 Meanwhile, I have been sewing too.  I had downloaded an audiobook from our local library and it entertained me while I made a few more blocks.  I have even sewn one set of four together in the upper left corner.  Lots more in progress and fabric to cut.  I'm actually feeling the need to refold and put away some of the piles of fabric on my cutting table.

One of my daughter's, upon seeing this, replied Sling Blade! (We loved Billy Bob Thornton in it) - so now Sling Blade it is!

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spope said...

Glad to see some of the genes are working in Molly. Good engineering.
and I love Sling Blade. You just amaze me.