Wednesday, August 9, 2017

July 2017........Weeks 3-4

I was fortunate to spend time in Antwerp with Shane, Vince and Shelly.  As well as Vince's Mom, Mia. 
 We had a wonderful time enjoying all the local sights in the older section of the city.  Our apartment was in the older section of the city above a men's shop and a perfumery.
In the background is a backside view of the beautiful Our Lady Cathedral.

Bakeries and chocolate shops!!!!

Delicious Waffles everywhere.

 Spied this in a shop on our way to a restaurant on evening.

Our Lady Cathedral - the inside is so incredible.  So much to see, alters, statuary, paintings etc.
Antwerp is the home of Reubens and the cathedral has four to enjoy.
I would love to see it all again.

The view upon entering.

Shelly and I took the train to spend a couple of days in Brugge. 
This is the main square there.

This is a view of the canal right next to our hotel. 
The gentleman who lives here was out faithfully tending his garden when we first arrived.

Another canal.

At the Basilica of the Sacred Blood in Brugge.

Final evening spent with Mia before we headed home.

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