Thursday, June 16, 2011

Donation Quilt Finished - Mini Garden

Finished this cute little quilt and will return it to the Quilts for Kids table at the guild meeting tonight.

This morning I work at our church's Food Pantry.  As part of this ministry, several of our members grow vegetables to distribute to Food Pantry patrons.  I admire their willingness to share the bounty of their gardens with others.  In addition to giving to the Food Pantry, they make fresh vegetables available to the congregation on Sunday for whatever donation they are able to give.  These donations help buy staples for the Panrty as needed.  

The mini gardens are doing pretty well.  We have picked cucumbers, zucchini and grape tomatoes and it looks like we will have yellow summer squash in a few days.  I noticed that one of the Roma tomato plants had some blossom end rot so went to the Hardware and bought some calcium to spray on the leaves.  I will also treat the zucchini plants.  I bought some dipper gourd seeds today -  we'll see how they do.

I love how these little tomatoes grow in cascades.  This one plant has loads and loads of fruit. 

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