Thursday, June 30, 2011

Lake Days - Wednesday

I decided to pull out a couple of set aside projects to take up to the lake to work on during the summer.
This is small quilt that I started last year.  I saw a picture in Keepsake Quilting offering a kit in 30's fabrics.  Since I had lots of 30's pieces leftover from a Dresden Plate Quilt that I pieced last year, I just drew up a pattern based on the picture.   

Most of the components are made.  I just needed to make the 32 white/print blocks.  I made 10 today.
Will have to cut more of the white squares to finish the other 22. 
The blocks are 6" - the finished quilt will be about 50 x 60".  A nice large baby size.

This project is a pattern that I bought down in Myrtle Beach last March.  I have cut out the 400+ black and white squares and made some of the blocks.  Appliqued lots of little circles, etc.
Eventually I found out the pattern is a disappearing nine patch.  A pattern I have never made before but is very popular with some of the gals in the Undercover Bee.
They use it a lot for donation quilts.

This project went back in it's box.  It will have to wait for another day.
I know no sewing will be done this weekend.  Looks like we'll have some of the kids and grand kids. 

I see lots of games and fun in my future!  Eating too.
And of course, we'll go out on the lake Saturday evening to see the Fireworks!

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