Friday, January 24, 2014

Debbie's Quilt

Back working on the Coping quilt.  I put the inner border on and have made all the small blocks for the outer border.  Now I have to trim all 56 of the border blocks as I cut them all 1/4" too big (better than cutting them too small at least).

Cousins - 1969
We were looking through some old pictures after Gordon's Memorial Service and came across this old one  picture taken in 1969 at my mother's in Shinhopple, NY.  There were 17 cousins then -5 more were added later on. My brother's daughter, Linda standing in front of Gordon (in glasses) lost her life in an automobile accident when she was just 18. 
My niece, Debbie, sitting 2nd from left, was here for the service and I took the opportunity to give her a Jubilee quilt, shown below,  to honor her 50th birthday.

Exquisite Star - Pink
Tomorrow is our Undercover Bee Meeting.  It will be good to see everyone.  And I think we will have a couple of visitors who are interested in joining our bee.  I think I will take a quilt to sew down the binding so I won't have to carry my machine.  Stay warm.

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Maggie Clark said...

Love your family photo. Those were the days, huh?