Friday, March 10, 2017

Another Blue and White Quilt

I downloaded a pattern for this quilt awhile back and  while I had all kinds of blue fabrics out to cut it was convenient to cut for this quilt also. Each blocks needs 8 flying geese segments - 24 little geese.

I made a kit from these to take to the beach and trim too.
However they seem more tedious and not to many got trimmed.
Guess I'll take them to the weekly sit and sew to work on there.

I did make one block - it will be hard for me but I'm going to try to use the same background fabric for the whole quilt.  That is, if I have enough of it.

This redbud was my welcome home. 
 This very early spring has been so unusual- down at the beach the carolina jasmine was all over the place - pretty bursts of yellow as we traveled from her to there.

The weather man offers up the possibility of snow Sunday and temps in the 20's - may be winter still has a wild card or two up his sleeve.

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