Monday, March 20, 2017

More Mystery

I made a few more mystery blocks Thursday when my friends C & S came for a sew day.  
Late Sunday afternoon I sewed a few of the sashing units and wanted to see how they related to the block.
I decided then and there to put my quilt together in sashed and bordered blocks.  That way I wouldn't 
have to deal with long skinny sashing strips.  I do this a lot when I have this type of pattern.

I make a copy  of my printed pattern and mark off my area into segments and label them.  Then I label each segment as I finish it.  This saves so much time when sewing the segments together.

Here I have sewn on the first of the outer border on this segment (B1-R1).

Now I have the First Block in the First Row all complete with all the borders added. 
It's 27" square - only 15 more blocks to go. But when I sew them together my quilt top will be finished - no borders to sew around a large quilt.

What in the world is this?
I bought it at Target Friday for $4.99.
A silicone Iron Mat.
The price is great - saw one somewhere in a quilting catalogue for much, much  more
I pinned it to the end of my ironing board so that when I was ironing something big  - fabric or quilt top - I could flip it off the ironing board and still be able to find it when I needed it again.

My Oliso  Iron got some kind of intestinal problem and spit up all over a quilt block I was pressing. 
I didn't bother sending it to the hospital....................
So this is the stand in - so used to not standing the iron  - glad I happened to see the silicone mat.  
Have to think if I want to invest in another high dollar iron.


I should have said cogitate instead of think.
as I just finished reading "Maud's Line" by Margaret Verble set in Eastern Oklahoma in 1928.

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