Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Richard's Quilt

I made this Bow Ties Quilt for my brother's 76th birthday and gave it to him in August at our Hen Party Reunion picnic. It measures 72 x 84" and I finished quilting it in January 2010.

In 1998, my sisters and I started having a 3 day annual get together. We called it the "Hen Party" as our maiden name is Hendrickson. We took turns hosting it at our homes. However,we have been having it at Barb's for the past few years. They have a lovely old farm and we always have a great time there. Barb's husband, Jim, has had health problems that prevent him from traveling anymore. We generally have a road trip day, a fun/games/craft day and a family picnic day. Sometimes we just have our cousins and some years as in 2010 we invite the whole extended family for the picnic. This past summer we had 47 family members. It was a perfect weather day. Our nephew Matt treated us to exciting hay rides through the fields, streams, woods and to the stone quarry. He also made a great bonfire at his house the night before for toasting marshmallows etc.

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