Sunday, January 30, 2011

At the Lake....

Yesterday we drove up to the lake to check on things as the forcast was for sunshine & 50's. It was cool, quiet and breezy. I didn't even see a squirrel!
Looks like I found a project for this summer. This picnic table is old, doesn't get much use, and it sits under the pines. I painted it with quilt blocks a few years back(2nd time). Even though I coated it with marine varnish the paint peels off it.
In 2009, we replaced the top on the other table(which also used to peel) and I painted fish on it(3rd generation of fish). I coated it with outdoor varnish and it has held up well for these past two winters. I expect the fact that the boards were new and had no dirt on them when I painted is the key.

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Barbara said...

Great job on your blog, just love reading about your wonderful quilts. What a very special talent you have. Outstanding