Friday, January 7, 2011

Undercover Snowmen

This is a quilt I finished in December 2010. The blocks were made by several members of the Undercover Bee made over a period of 3 years as block swaps at our annual Christmas party. In lieu of a block swap this year, we had a challenge to make a quilt from our swapped blocks.

Blocks were made by: Row 1: Linda Dempsey, Linda Goodrich, Bertie Corbett, Julie Swinson; Row 2: Pat Benane, Julie Swinson, Linda Goodrich, Carol Hemlinger; Row 3: Julie Swinson, Lyn Taylor, Linda Creech, Julia Dudley; Row 4: Jean Lytal, Pat Benane, Suzie Douglas, Terry Baker.

It measures 46 x 48". I gave it to my daughter Kathy for Christmas.

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