Friday, March 4, 2011

Pink Eye/Pieced Squares - Finished

I started this post in Feb. but here it is March 4th. I have no clue if one can change dates.
This afternoon, I took the quilt outside and hung it on the deck for a picture.  It is 84" square. I finally remembered the blog where I saw the quilt.  It was in October 2010 so you'll have to check her archives. Wow - looking at the picture I see I have one of the border blocks upside down. oh well.

The back pattern, "Pieced Squares", was in the 1984 Edition of Lady's Circle Editor's Choice Patchwork Quilts. There was a color picture on one page.The directions consisited of one paragraph, a square for the pattern and a diagram of a block. I started the blocks in the late 80's. I don't even recall when I sewed the sashing on them and partially sewed them together. Last year when I was cleaning up and rearragning, I was going to toss it. When I layed it on the bed it just need one long seam left to sew. So I sewed it! 
I brought in and tossed it in the washer and it is in the dryer as we speak - so to speak!

Picked out some batiks and made a couple of these blocks.  The pattern is in an old issue of Quiltmaker (10/2002) called Turning Leaves.  I am planning to make the sofa size which just needs 24 leaves.  I cut out the squares, leaf pieces, and squares of heat and bond.  I'm going to machine applique them. I'll look for a border fabric when I go shopping with my sister next week.

Found this camellia hiding out on the north side of the house.  It is really out of sync - usually blossoms late in spring.  I brought it inside to enjoy!Happy Weekend!

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Jessica said...

i love this quilt, front & back! great job~