Sunday, March 20, 2011

Quilt # 104 - from the Archives

Glad Tidings - a quilt I made in 1999.  It is my own design using angels from various sources.  I was drawn to the folk art style after seeing some work by a friend, Judee L. from Richfield, NC.  It is machine appliqued and hand quilted. It is 50 x 60". It was awarded a red ribbon at the NC State Fair in 1999 and earned a white ribbon at the Capitol Quilters Guild show in 2002.  One of the comments on the judges sheet was that it could use more quilting in the borders.

I was surprised that no one commented at a family party today that I still had my "Christmas time" quilt up.
Tomorrow is a free day so I hope to get some sewing done.
I did sew a little on Saturday up at the lake.  Mostly we fished, read and enjoyed the warm sunny days.  John caught some nice crappie and bream.  I read 2 books and caught 2 blue catfish.  Life is good.

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