Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Backyard Flowers

Dixie Belle Hibiscus
I grew this plant from seed about 10 years ago. The bloom is about 10" across. It has been attacked by an insect for the past three summers.  I was surprised that it made it this year. It is down to two stalks where normally it has about 8.  We have put Sevin dust on it a couple of times. It has some leaf damage but maybe it will gain enough strength to keep on keeping on.

Star of Bethlehem Hibiscus

This plant was also grown from seed taken from a plant I had.  This one is about three years old - fortunately the Japanese Beetles don't seem to like it's foliage.  It is 6 -7 feet tall and is right outside my kitchen window.  I love the red blossoms.  They are smaller than the other hibiscus but they blossom for the rest of the summer.  Sometimes they reseed by themselves given the right conditions.  I collected the seed in the fall and  planted it in a pot which I left outside all winter.


For the most part, once you have Cleome here in the South, you always have Cleome.  Most of mine are purple and lavender but this mostly white one is my favorite.  Sometimes I save some seed to relocate it here and there.  However it likes this spot by the deck and I can always count on a few plants popping up there.

Have a nice day and enjoy what's right out there in your backyard!

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