Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Back Yard Blooms / Archive Quilt Number 172

 Several years ago, I bought these tall sunflower/daisy like plants at one of the local garden club sales.  I don't know the name of the plant but it is very invasive here in this climate.  I pull up lots and lots of the plants in the spring and through the summer so I just have a few for the background in the fall.

 They are so bright and cheery when I see them through my kitchen window!

Can there be a brighter yellow? - Happy Day!

Carrie Nation Quilt  -

I made this quilt in August 2003.  My friend Carole and I were Block Party chairmen at Capitol Quilter's Guild and we used this for one of our block designs.

I liked the block so well and it was so easy I made a whole quilt.  I donated the 80 x 90" quilt to our church for the Community Day Auction.  Guess who made the winning bid? ------------ Carole!

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Anonymous said...

Just love the picture of the barn and the flowers,gorgeous!