Friday, November 25, 2011

The Day After-- Archive Quilt # 104

This was the scene outside Target at 12:15AM.  I went along with Kathy, Arliss and 3 teens.  After waiting in a very long line we entered the store at 12:45.  We left at 2:30AM. Arliss got what she had on her list.  The plan was to go to Belk's at 3PM.  Lucky for me, our house was on the way to Belk's -so I opted for home!  I was probably in bed by the time they hit Belk's.  Enough shopping madness for me.  Actually, it was good to get out after all the feasting and fun to see lots of familiar folks out too.

No shopping for me today.  I put away all the fall decor - switched out quilts in the dining room.  I use this quilt I finished in 2000 during the Christmas Season.  I call it Glad Tidings.  It is 50 x 60" and is hand quilted.  I gathered the angel patterns from various sources and then fit the blocks together with the words and stars.  I appliqued them by machine with the button hole stitch.  I guess that was what I would call my folk art period.  I've thought at times that I'd like to make another using brighter fabrics.
My favorite blocks:
Raggedy Angel

Cat Angel

Time to head for the kitchen for some turkey leftovers!

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