Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Veteran's Hospital Quilts

Today, Pat J. and I delivered 71 quilts to the Veteran's hospital in Durham, NC. We also took magazines and books.

The quilts were made by 3 different groups.  The group I belong to, Undercover Bee, donated 31 quilts.   Pat J. made about 10 quilts herself.  She is very dedicated to this program.
The quilts are given to patients in the Hospice Unit and are passed on to the patient's family. 

The director of the Program was very appreciative of the donation.  She told us that she had heard from a couple of the Veteran's wives that they were glad to have the quilts for comfort, and slept with them after their loved one passed away.

These are the quilts I made for this year.

These are 3 more that I had pictures of.

After we dropped of the quilts, we celebrated by having lunch out and then a trip to an area quilt shop that just happened to be having a sale.  How good is that?

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