Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Machine Quilting - ----

 I'm really not sure when I started this quilt.  I made the blocks a couple of years back.  i had intended to make it as a gift for one of my daughters.  The first delay was the search for more of  the perfect blue-green sashing (I had a piece of the perfect fabric but it was too small).  Then I settled on the blue but the original choice for the border didn't quite work.  More searching.  I finally sewed it together and layered it back in July
Just a little more and I will be ready to quilt the borders.  I hope to finish it by the weekend.

We went up to the lake Monday morning.  It was just the prettiest day.  Warm and sunny.  It's amazing that the leaves are still pretty.  I thought we would have to start raking but there are still lots to fall.  Last year they were pretty much finished by late October.  Our gift from Mother Nature!

Tuesday morning they were pumping water at the dam and when  the sun is shining we have these wonderful, sparkling lights.  I just can't stop looking at them.  I guess I took at least 40-50 pictures and some video.  Another gift!  We had already put the boat up for the winter so we enjoyed the views from the porch and dock.

No sewing at the lake this visit!

Today was catching up at home day.  Running errands etc.  Disciple Bible Study this evening (I hope we have less reading for next week). I did manage to finish all mine but it was a struggle to make myself concentrate at times.

Tomorrow is sewing day!  Connie, Cathy and Sally are coming over.  Actually we're going to try some fabric painting. 

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