Saturday, November 19, 2011

Now Where Was I ................

After much planning and preparation, today was our 2nd Annual Shopping Extravaganza at church.

The balloon tree looks welcoming from the parking lot.  There is also a Santa balloon by the entrance of the Fellowship Hall.

And a view from the kitchen of our little "Divine Diner" area and some of the vendors in the background.  Tom, along with Bob, did a great job as our waiters.
We served plates of  Chicken Salad, a frozen fruit salad, a marinated vegetable salad, crackers and a spiced apple slice.  No complaints!
I thought everyone who came enjoyed themselves.

Tomorrow we will celebrate Christ the King Sunday.  The last Sunday of the Christian year.  In the late afternoon there will be a Hanging of the Greens ceremony followed by a pre-thanksgiving dinner with our food pantry patrons and Table of Grace folks as guests. I hate I will miss it.  Our youngest daughter, a  couple of months ago, decided she wanted to celebrate her birthday (11-11-11) by seeing
 the Rockettes at the DPAC. (Durham Performing ArtsCenter). 

Hope you have a nice day tomorrow.

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