Sunday, December 29, 2013

New Project - Fandango/Coping

One of my new Christmas gifts had a picture of this quilt on the cover, so I had to start it at the first possible moment.  Things were pretty quiet around here Friday evening and I started cutting some of the hundreds of 1.25 X 10" strips needed for the finished quilt.  To be completely honest, the first block was made with 1.5" strips, because I thought I remembered the right measurements! 
The book is "DEVOTED TO SCRAPS"  from Leisure Arts.
I was surprised to also see a pattern from someone I actually know.  Connie Walker who used to own a local quilt shop (Whistle Stop in Selma NC) has her "Meet Me at the Manor" quilt pattern published in it too.

Lots of cutting, sewing, trimming seams and pressing but that is just what I need right now. 
 I will probably call it Coping because the uneven strips make me think of the little strips sometimes added to adjust for a block's size and  also  because that's what we're all doing around here just now.

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