Friday, December 9, 2016

Christmas Lights - Mystery Quilt

Oh yes - of course - I started making blocks for the Bonnie Hunter mystery.  I did manage to make step 2 but I am way behind on step 1.  A friend gave me some of her extra four patches Tuesday so I only need about 100 more. Thanks Wanda!  

Yesterday afternoon I went to the movies with a friend.
We saw Allied which was really good.
On the way home we went by Piper Lights out on Fixit Shop Road.

It has been there for years and I have passed by it many times ( it's only about 5 miles from here) but never realized that they had so many lights out behind their place.  I never even knew they called Piper Lights.

They won the Great American Christmas Light Show this week!   WHO KNEW!!!
Well long story short we took the back roads home and checked it out - good job Piper family.

Last year a family in Clayton which is about 12 miles from here won - amazing.
May have to check them out too.  

John and I used to pack the kids in the car before Christmas to see the Christmas displays and lights. 
We sure never saw any like this but we enjoyed all the same. 

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spope said...

You make me tired. If you are way behind I am not even out of the gate. Just cant get started. Have made some of clue 1 and cut pieces for clue 2. Will cut some strips for clue 3. Funny thing about those rulers. Glad 3 is easy.
Had a good guild party with 14 there. It was nice. Voted to suspend until next October and to have a "bee" on out regular meeting night.
all is good. Now to sew some.