Wednesday, December 7, 2016

More Decorating /Progress on Ladybug Sample

After Bible Study this morning the Worship Committee met to decorate the Sanctuary for the Christmas Season.  We have a room on the third floor where we store everything except candles and the Communion Elements. 

The 12' tree is the hardest thing to get down.  We are so fortunate to have Keith to help us with all the heavy stuff etc.  Our tree is several years old and the lights have a mind of their own.  I think it is a defective fuse on one set of lights - they go out for a few minutes every now and then.
This was the first artificial we ever had in the church.

My friend Kissie and myself made the original Chsistmons for the tree in the early 1980's.  The youth leader and the youth made more in the 1990's. And we always displayed them on a real tree.

However a few years ago the fire marshall required that we switch to an artificial tree.

Some of the older Christmas have shown wear so about ten years ago, I made a lot of new ones.  I still have some beads and supplies and one of these days I plan to make a few more.

Well it it all ready for the children to place the Christmon Ornaments on it Sunday morning.

I love our windows!

I  have the center of the Half Log Cabin for Ladybug sewn together.  I need to go in and get a little more fabric for the inner border.  Then I can finish it up.

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