Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Quilting Gift/ Christmas Time

A friend of mine who has a long arm quilting business made me this nice little gift.  It's quite simple  - a plastic square that she edged with painter's tape.

Just lay it over your quilt or block and audition possible quilting designs with a felt tip erasable pen.
Erase with a soft cloth or a scrap of batting and reuse as many times as you wish.  Thanks Carol.

Decorating by stages this year:  Tree and Nativity

This was a gift from one of my daughters when the Jim Shore sets came out and the angel was added later by another daughter.

Last year after Christmas I took all the lights off my pre-lit tree as they had failed in a couple of spots.
I put different types of colored lights on it this year.   I included a couple of strings of new lights.  It was a pleasant surprise to discover some of the lights were lavender.

Still hanging a few more ornaments each day.

I'm  fan of more is more when it comes to the tree.

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