Sunday, December 11, 2016

Three Years - A Little Cutting Bee

Merry Christmas.
Gordon at three years in 1963.
 I hope he's listening to his favorite music and thinking about working on an old jeep.  Or cooking up a barbecue or maybe a pot of chili. I know he's thinking about his boys.
We'll be missing him -  but I know he and his dad will be together, spending their third Christmas with their Heavenly Father. 

Pulling out all the purples for step 3.

Have to have the iron close by - I wonder how many strips I need to make 168 four patches.

After three hours  - I finished cutting strips.  As long as I have the fabrics out and pressed, 
I cut one or two 3 1/2 inch strips as well as the 2" strips I needed for the four patches.
The smaller pieces of fabric, I cut as many strips as I could rather than put them back on the shelf.

Now for some sewing time.

1 comment:

spope said...

Love the picture of Gordon, I can't imagine your feelings as you look at his picture and I know that you miss knowing that he and John are in this world.

I am impressed but not surprised with your BH units. Love your light purples.
Going to work on some of the purples today. Have to make a label for a Christmas present quilt for nephew and wife first. They are getting the UC retreat quilt. Forgot how big it is. Not enough for bed but ok for sofa etc.
Maybe the dog???? Will bring it Monday to Connies.