Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Best things in Life are Free

When I woke this morning at 2AM, I thought it was dawn the moonlight was so bright, shining down through the branches of a large oak tree. The first thing I wanted to do was capture a picture of it but I knew You were looking at that same captivating moon. When I went back to bed (pretty much awake now as my batteries had been partially recharged.)

I remembered walking home from the movies on a summer evening in the 40's with my older sister and brother. The moon was full that night - we had just seen the movie with June Allyson (I think) singing "The moon belongs to everyone, the best things in life are free. The stars belong to everyone they gleam there for you and me. The flowers in spring, the robins that sing. The sunbeams that shine, they're yours, they're mine and Love can come to anyone, the best things in life are free!"

As I looked again at that big oak tree with the moon shining through the spreading branches I thought of a family tree. So whether we are in Altamont, Arkport, Lake Gaston, or Oxford, Sarasota,or Audobon, we are connected by our memories, as well as our ancestors. And we,along with all our children and grandchildren, represented by the branches, are looking up at that same moon created by God, along with the stars, the sun and His Son. Created for you and for me.

Yes, The Best Things in Life are Free!

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