Friday, February 4, 2011

Quilt #141 - From the Archives

Millennium Compass - 81 x 92"

I began drafting and paper piecing the blocks from instructions in an article in Quilter's Newsletter Magazine during the big snow storm (20") in North Carolina in January 2000.

In Feb. my husband had a day surgery that turned into a nightmare. We spent most of that year in and out of the hospital and ended up having 17 surgeries. He was released from visiting nurse care on December 23rd. He still suffers the consequences without complaint and we thank God that he can do as well as he does.

Back to the quilt - I drew the borders and pieced them in 2001 and quilted it in 2002. It won a blue ribbon at the Capital Quilter's Guild Show in 2002 and a pink ribbon at the NC State Fair in October 2002.

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