Sunday, February 27, 2011

Lake Time/Daniel's 18th Birthday

The weather was predicted to be so warm we decided to go up to the lake on Saturday afternoon after I got home from our mini sewing bee. Cathy S. & I got quilte a lot accomplished and enjoyed lunch with Roberta and Connie in between their customers.  John had been up at the Hunting Camp with his brother, Al, and he got home shotly after I did.

We had breakfast out on the porch this morning (about 11AM) and then went out in the boat for awhile.  John fished for Crappie but they weren't biting.  He caught a nice bass and some small perch.  Later in the afternoon he threw out some stale crackers and the gulls were all over them.
Today is our grandson, Daniel's 18th birthday. We know he is having a great time celebrating with his cousin, Hannah in Philadelphia. Looking forward to summer when we can have a G&P party with all the cousins out on our porch up here.

Tommorw is Table of Grace at church.  We will be serving Chicken Casserole, Garden Peas, Fruit Salad and Chocolate Cookie Sheet Cake and Ice Cream.

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