Friday, February 25, 2011

Quilting Progress

Another 3 hours spent quilting and I have about 1/2 the quilt quilted.
I have been trying several similar weights of threads on top and in the bobbin. Today, I found another spool of Bottom Line by Superior Threads in a light cream color. It looks so much better than either of the threads I used.
I then switched back to using the same thread in a dark gold in the top. You have to use a smaller needle(70)when using Bottom Line in the top or it frays somewhat.
I also liked the looks of a cone of Essential Pro in "Meadow" that I ordered from Connecting Threads.
John and I went to see King's Speech this afternoon (it is as good as everyone says).  We were headed to Outback for dinner ( I wanted their lettuce wedge salad) but rather than drive across town we decided to stop at Lone Star in K'dale as they serve a similar salad.  One hour wait! Ditto for Chilis and Applebee's lot was full.  All you can eat buffet at Wang's Bistro in Zebulon  - yeh that's what we ended up with.

Back to Whistle Stop tomorrow - our regular bee meeting was cancelled as most of out members are at the Hampton Show - so we're having a mini get together there.

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