Thursday, February 9, 2012

Double Four Patch Finished

Yesterday I got up early and finished quilting this double four patch quilt that I put together at Connie's house in December.  I tried out a new for me quilting pattern that I had seen somewhere.  The backing is flannel and I will probably wash it before I donate it.  It will go to the Veteran's Hospital in Durham for their Hospice Program. 

The quilting doesn't show up much on the front but that's okay.  It was good practice and I can see that it needs to be more open to cover a large quilt.  I started out making the motifs too small.  They look better to me when they are more open.

They can be seem better here.  I will probably use this pattern again as it covers well, goes fairly quickly and adds interest to the quilt.
Last  night I fell asleep during the evening  news and woke up too late to go to Disciple Class ( no way am I going  20 minutes late).   My little nap gave me a burst of energy so after tidying up the kitchen I went to the sewing room. 
I finished appliqueing the last two Dresden plate blocks that have been hanging around since last year and set them together.  They are large blocks (18.5") so that didn't take long.
I  had in mind what I was going to use for an inner border so I added that also.  Now I'm stuck! No pictures of the top as it was too late when I finished.
Today is an outing with Cathy, Connie and Sally so I will see what they think.
We're going to a Quilt Display at a museum in Goldsboro, lunch and a couple of fabric stores.  Fun ahead!

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