Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Table of Grace - February 2012

I always look forward to Table of Grace at WUMC.  I meet Margie at the Fellowship Hall at 10 AM where  we have a short chat with our Monday Morning Bible Study group before we head off for grocery shopping.

Our first stop is Sam's where we pick up the bigger items we need. We generally have lunch there as Margie thinks it isn't TOG day if we don't eat pizza at Sam's!

Then back to Wendell, with a stop at my house for oatmeal, Worcestershire Sauce, milk (no need to buy these as we don't need very much).  I also grabbed the leftover Oreo Cheesecake Bars (for an afternoon snack).  A stop at Food Lion, then back to church to meet Ella and Janice there.

Margie, Ella and Janice ready to cook
First we fixed two pans of peach cobbler that we will serve with ice cream. We had some extra peaches so we simmered them with a little butter and sugar. We can use them as an extra sauce with the ice cream if desired.

Margie checking out the cobbler
Then we got the green beans started.  Southern gals cook green beans for quite awhile even though they are canned. We drain them and cook them in fresh water with olive oil and a little sugar. They really are good. 

Lisa, one of our servers/clean-up helpers 
We took time for a short rest break and snack.  We also used this time to plan menus for April through June.

Meatloaf and Sauce
We started the Meatloaf it could bake and made the sauce we serve on the meatloaf.

In the meantime we set tables, make lemonade, get out plates, cups etc.

Girl Scout Troop  - Aren't they cute?
Between 5 and 5:30 our server helpers and clean up crew comes in.  Last night we also had a local Girl Scout troop come to help.  They helped carry plates, removed empty plates, cleared tables and helped serve desserts to those who have trouble getting around.   George, La Rue and Alta Ruth served the tea and lemonade.


Thanks to Eddie for taking on the task of making sure we have clean up help each meal.  He, his son Josh, and wife Lisa all helped along with Wayne N.  We are so grateful to them.

 Everyone enjoyed music provided by Scott and Debbie and Pastor Trip shared his Lenten message.  We who help at Table of Grace all agree that we get back so much more than we give!


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spope said...

loved the pics and the meatloaf looks great. You put some southern into the beans when you added sugar!!! Those oreo bars were great. You are lucky to have such good help with TOG.
Hope we can get together next week.