Friday, March 2, 2012

Productive Friday

Well today both John and I can say we had a productive day.  John has been busy with his list of things that need to be done outside both here and up at the lake.  Today he had the tree guys come to trim up some trees.

Both in the front and back of the house.  They did leave us a big load of mulch that we can use out back or give to Scott, a friend at church that grows lots of vegetables to donate to our food pantry. He has the most beautiful garden and works so hard to keep The Food Pantry in fresh vegetables.

While all that sawing, trimming, grinding and shredding was  going on outside, I had my own little trimming task.  Yesterday I had cut batting pieces for all the quilts that I wanted to layer.  But when I was putting them together, I realized that I had forgot to trim the fabric from behind the Dresden plate appliques. After lunch we loaded up the car and took six quilts down to church to layer.
John went with me to keep me company.  He was a big help. He also got to read the paper in between tasks.

The quilts are still laying in the chair where we dropped them when we got home. I did the String Squares, Dresden Plate II, Double Nine Patch, Disappearing Nine Patch, Spider Web, and the Veteran Friendship Star.  Now I have seven to quilt!  I have two more quilts that are near the finished top stage.  I just need to choose the fabric for an inner border on the Orca Bay quilt and I have all the blocks made and the center sewn on the Scrappy Trips quilt. 
I am so looking forward to doing something new.

John was getting his things ready to go to the lake tomorrow (our helper-workers will go with him to do a couple of things he wants to get done up there). And I cooked dinner.

Next week he had the landscaper guy coming!

Yikes! No fabric for me this month.   .

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