Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I Call Him Wonder Boy...............

John is part true grit, get-r-done, soldier-on and keep on keeping on, etc.  Sometimes I call him "Wonder Boy".

Today I looked out the kitchen window expecting to see John working on his tractor.  But there he was taking up the patio tiles and removing the unwanted vegetation. Because he likes things done right, he will add more sand, level that, add herbicide, cover with plastic, relay the tiles and probably repaint the garden bench while he's at it.  He has kind of adopted this area as his garden.  Okay by me.

His cardiologist told him last week he has Atrial Fibrillation,  the reason he has been feeling so tired lately.  (Lots of tests and procedures coming up).  That doesn't deter him!

The weather has been so warm that almost any excuse to get outside is okay.  I hope Wonder Boy's 77 year old bones won't be feeling too much discomfort come 3AM or so.

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