Sunday, March 25, 2012

Aunt Grace Baby Quilt Finished

I have had a good couple of weeks, staying on track with my quilting in between other things.
I started this quilt back in June if I remember right.  It is 50 x 62".   I will put it away to gift a future baby girl(the back is a light pink.)

detail of baby quilt
Back of  quilt

Yesterday was Undercover Bee.  We made a day of it and went out for lunch at a new restaurant in Garner.  It was home style and the food was great. Lots of show and tell, a demo on cathedral windows and fun.  I made a few string squares for a future quilt. I'm trying to get my scrap boxes  under control.  This afternoon, I took a couple of hours and sorted, trimmed and tossed what string pieces I felt weren't usable.

I also sorted out all the very lights that were more than 14" long as I want to make the Roll, Roll, Cotton Boll quilt from Bonnie Hunter's last year mystery.  I want to make the string squares for it before I do any of the other parts.   I don't do the paper sewing thing so I will make strip sets that are about 14" square and cut my pieces from them.  One square will net me the same as 2 of her paper sewn squares.  Lots of stripy sewing ahead in between other things.

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