Monday, March 26, 2012

String Squares Finished

It is impossible to tell even close up that I used several different quilting threads on the center of the quilt.  The first was a brass color from Superior Threads but it kept shredding. Then I used a couple of greens and as they ran out, I switched to a dark taupe to finish.  The borders were done using an ecru Aurifil.
I used a meadow green thread on the back throughout.
The quilt is 72 by 86 and had unequal borders to make the quilt wide enough for a full bed. I used trimmed ends of blocks for the inset between the borders.
Backing fabric

I am already making more string blocks.  This time, I am using different widths in the strings and not following the dark light pattern as here.  I think I will set them on point.

Table of Grace tonight at WUMC.  The menu is Cranberry Glazed Pork Loin,  Broccoli Rice Casserole, Applesauce and Dessert.  We will also be cooking for Wednesday's Community Lenten Lunch.  It is our church's turn to be host.  We're going to serve various salads and desserts. 

Our church (our Pastor at that time was Rev. Danny Allen) started the Lenten Lunch Services about 25 years ago when our Fellowship Hall was still in the church basement.   At that time I think there were 5 churches who participated.  Each week a different church has the devotion and serves lunch. We now have nine churches.  The Christian Church holds the services daily during Holy Week.  The Wendell Council of Churches oversees it all.

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