Friday, March 30, 2012

Archive Quilt # 84 - Split Four Patch

I made the blocks for this quilt in 1990 when we lived in Scottsboro, Alabama.  I used whatever fabrics I had leftover from sewing projects.  About all that I knew about quilting at that time I had learned from reading Magazines or from seeing Eleanor Burns or Georgia Bonesteel on the local PBS TV stations. 

Our church, Randall's Chapel UMC, had a group of ladies that met once a week and quilted for people.  They set up a quilting frame in the fellowship hall and gathered at 9 AM.  In addition, they brought dishes for lunch.  About 11 AM several other ladies (non-quilters) would arrive with more dishes of food.  Near noon other church members, husbands, the pastor etc.would drift in and we would have lunch.  The non quilters would clean up from lunch, visit awhile and leave.  The quilters stayed until 3:30 or 4 PM depending on their schedules.  They let me quilt with them  - even though they were probably appalled by my stitches.  I never got there at 9 or stayed until 4 but I loved them, spending time with them and hearing all their stories.  I received the church newsletter the other day and there was a note that the quilting group would meet soon. It was good to hear the quilting tradition is still continuing on at RCUMC. 
I have given away all the quilts that they hand quilted for me during the time we lived in Scottsboro.

I added the bubblegum pink border and quilted it in 1994.  It measures 70 by 90".   I have made this pattern several times for baby quilts. And also another large quilt that I pieced up at the lake a few years ago.

Here is another one that I made in 2009  - set a little differently.  I'll have to get it out oneday and take a proper picture of it.

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