Saturday, March 17, 2012

Lake Break & Archive Quilt #96 - Bow Ties, Cabin & Trees

After many doctor appointments and volunteer duties this week we decided we needed a break!
The weather was wonderful and we had a great time.  John had plenty of time to fish and I enjoyed my porch time just sitting around and listening to the birds etc.


John caught catfish and crappie. 
Our son-in-law, Paul and granddaughter, Molly spent the night with us Friday ( they were on their way to Williamsburg, VA.)  This morning I fixed a big breakfast before they left.  I even cooked some crappie for John.  He was a very happy camper.  His mom often served fish for breakfast.  Crappie is very mild and doesn't make any fishy smell in the kitchen. That makes me a happy camper too!

 Before we came home he took the catfish to one of our neighbors who in turn sent us home with fresh turnips from their garden.
This is one of the Lake Quilts.  I made it for John for his 65th birthday which was the first year the cabin was finished. We drew up the plans and John did a lot of the finish work on the cabin himself.  It is denims and reds which signified giving up his red power ties for blue jeans and flannels.  The backing is red flannel.  It is 78 x 90".  I took this just before I tossed it in the washer. 


Anonymous said...

Love the picture of John, he looks great, and his birthday quilt is very appropriate. Enjoy

spope said...

Great place you have. No wonder you all enjoy it. I would be happy to be able to live on a lake, not ocean, not river but lake. So serene. Great fish John. Love the trees in the quilt.