Thursday, March 29, 2012

Lake Life & Archive Quilt # 143

We headed up to the lake Wednesday afternoon after Lenten services at church.  WUMC ladies were responsible for providing the lunch and Pastor Trip the devotion.  Since I volunteered myself and a friend to oversee the luncheon, I knew I wasn't leaving until the kitchen was in order again. With lots of help, that didn't take too long.  We were done before 2PM.

It was a beautiful day and John and I were at the lake by 4.  We are expecting friends for a few days next week so we wanted to clean the porch.   With all this warm weather the pollen is all over everything.

John caught several small catfish but no Crappie.  His excuse was that the water was very high.  It wasn't for lack of trying  on his part.  John is wearing his favorite blue shirt again.  He also mowed the grass.

This is another lake quilt.  It was very sunny but I wanted to take a picture before I threw it in the washer.  I made it from instructions in an old Leisure Arts book called "Sew Quick Scrap Quilts" in 2002.  I remember it made a mess with all the trimming of the blocks each round but I enjoyed making it.  It is 91 x 98" and has a piano key border on three sides.

It was quilted very simply in an allover meander (my skill level at that time) using variegated thread. I like the backing fabric - I think I had some of the same fabric in green.

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Connie said...

John's favortie blue shirt - in photos from our family reunion, my aunts (Mother included) for years wore the same sweater or blouse. My Dad and cousin's husband wore the same shirts for several years. If you like it, you like it!