Monday, December 5, 2011

Step 3 - Done - Archive Quilt # 85

That wasn't as bad as I thought.   But I guess in a way I cheated,  I used Triangulations. I didn't have a lot of black and white scraps so it was easy just to cut the pieces needed from yardage and fat quarters.  Now I have lots of black and white scraps!

It doesn't look like it but all 650 mini-blocks are in the there. As a matter of fact, it's more like 725 as I got a little carried away with step 3 and made 75 extra. You can read all about it at

This in another of the red quilts I use at Christmas.  I call it 2592 Red Triangles (not very creative with names)- perhaps Out of Focus would have been better.  I finished it in February 1998. It measures 90 x 90 inches.  It won a red ribbon and an award of excellence for machine quilting at the 1998 NC State Fair. 
It doesn't look quilt so much out of focus on a close up.  I have washed it quite a few times and it is very soft and comfortable.  I use it on my bed quite a bit.

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Candace said...

Great little blocks and I love your
2592 Red Triangles. Ill bet it is lovely on your bed.