Thursday, December 1, 2011

Steps 1 & 2 Done

Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt

STEP I:  224 Hourglass Squares

STEP II: 76 Strip Pieced Squares

Nice Plastic Box to hold all my Mini Blocks


Yuletide Camellia

 Two years ago we planted 3 Yuletide Camellias. Two are doing real well and one doesn't seem to like it's location.  Will give it another year before we move it. It was much smaller than the other two when planted.  It's nice to have Sasanqua Camellias to brighten up the winter months. 

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Candace said...

I've been looking through your blog and you have some amazing quilts. You seem to take circles and lots of points (such as in your quilt below and others on your blog) in stride. They scare me, lol. Love your Orca Bay blocks.