Saturday, January 14, 2012

Quilting Mojo

"Mojo means "finding the magic in what we do". To have "lost your mojo", refers to a loss of inspiration or creative genius; a loss of that special spark.

I'm trying to get my quilting mojo going again.
Monday evening I decided I needed and wanted to quilt the two quilts that I had layered back in June maybe? One is large at least 90 x 90, if I remember right, so I started with the smaller one 58 x 70.  One good decision at least. 
Why would I choose to start quilting a quilt at 9PM?  ..................... I wanted to.
  • I set up my machine, adjusted the tension
  • Did some practice to see if it was right etc.
  • I put a new needle in and put in a full bobbin and for good measure threaded the bobbin  through the extra tension guide. 
  • A friend had given me some spray (Quilt Glide)to slick up the top of the machine and cabinet so I used it too.  I was off and running. 
 About an hour later, 11PM, my thread broke.  It was time for a break anyway so I took out the quilt to admire it before going to bed.  Problems # 1 and 2.

Wrinkle on front = tuck on back
After taking out the block and a half that I had quilted.  See below.
Poor tension on back = needle marks on front
Tuesday, I decided to use a circle in the center of the block instead of the original plan.  Problem # 3.
Very uneven circle
It is very difficult to get an even circle in a 12 in block on a DSM.  Luckily I only did one and part of another before I abandoned this.  More unsewing.  I finished the center Tuesday and Wednesday I did the borders. I used a sliver of soap to trace around a  cable pattern. After I finished the first side before John's appointment so I decided I would remove the remaining soap traces with a wet wash cloth. Problem# 4.
Border fabric bled through to back
The dark blue batik bled through to the backing.  I'm hoping when I get it bound and washed that it will not be permanent.  I have had time to do the binding but as usual other things were calling me first.

Quilting finished

Well that was good practice and most of my problems were of my own making so I surely know how to correct them.  Here's to more practice soon!

Thursday was a fun day of sewing at my house with Connie, Sally and Cathy.  We all got several blocks made in addition to seeing and admiring each others show and tell.  I had my Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt center completed to show them and they were all impressed.  I'm still looking for my fabric for the inner border.  I pieced my other borders so I'm ready to go with it when I find just the right one.  I made a chicken casserole, spinach salad and lemon bars for lunch. 

John and I met with his Pulmonary Doctor Wednesday to discuss the results of his biopsy on Dec. 28th.  We the news is that there really is no news.  They failed to get enough tissue for anything conclusive.  The Dr.suggested a possibility of another procedure (surgery) to remove the lymph node for biopsy.  We said no - but that we would agree to another scan next month and then proceed from there.  

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